Saturday, January 21, 2012

Miles, Miles, Miles

Friday was a pretty relaxed and laid-back day. We all started our first day of arts. We went to either film, theater, or photography. My art for this semester is photography and it started off pretty well. We got our first assignment which is to create a photo journalism kind of video with voiceovers (like the kind of videos in the New York Times). The photographers in each of the tribes will be gathering photos for this assignment during our "missions" on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Before we could get started on that assignment, we were sent of to snap photos around the school, create a slideshow movie on iMovie, and then do a voiceover for practice. I don't think any of us finished in class but I feel like everyone gets the idea of what we have to do next week. Oh yeah, before I forget, we all got to go to our normal advisories which was super nice! :D

After everyone we had our math and free periods, we enjoyed a very spoiling pizza lunch...but their were OPTIONS this time. Usually at school when they say that there's gonna be pizza (legit pizza, not pizza friday) the only option is plain. But, that day, we had plain, sausage, pepperoni, and chicken...WHAAAT?! There was even salad for the people that don't even eat pizza aka Lena. During lunch, we got a special surprise: boxes that made our tribe missions even more confusing and disoriented! Joy! I don't know if any of the other tribes had things inside of their boxes that made them go "huh?" but I know for sure that when I looked inside of Dale Squad's, my tribe's, box and saw The Scarlet Letter, I definitely said "huh?" and heard the sound that plays whenever a fight is about to happen in Kill Bill. Hopefully, everything will have deeper meaning to us when we get more research done.

Lastly, we had our first Music in the City class. The first half of class we spoke mainly about jazz and tried to decipher it by listening to "So What" by Miles Davis and then to Mr. Christensen and our own Bessie doing a little improv to that song. Personally, I loved it because I'm a jazz freak! The second half, we tried answering the questions basically asking: why was (and why is) so much music drawn out of New York and why did so many musicians come to New York to perform and record? We couldn't find a concrete answer but we were definitely able to find many key reasons. And, once again, we ended our day with more question marks floating in the air than the day before! -_-''
Definition of the day in 16 seconds: Click this please!

Here are some pictures Lena took from the Music Class:

The most incredible photo in the world!
I commend you, Lena!

Alright, I know I wasn't assigned to be a photographer but I had photography that day! So here are some pictures that Hannah and I took for the class:

(Hannah is that figure in beige in the upper left)

A view of the quad from one of the windows in the 500's

Jeremy and I leaving the middle school town meeting magic show!

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