Thursday, February 4, 2016

THE WARRIORS: The Legend of the Y Chromosomes

My feet are tired, belly was full and I had seen more of New York City in two days than I had in the 16 years of my life. We were only five days into City Semester and I had already had one of the best school experiences of my life.

On Monday we were assigned our Spirit Guides, who would be leading us through our NYC on our Vision Quest. My group, The Y Chromosomes, were assigned Herman Melville, Joseph Pulitzer, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. After lots of research and thought our group decided on the three different gifts that we would present to our guides. For Herman Melville Jeremy #1 constructed a scene from Moby Dick, his most famous book, for Joseph Pulitzer Jeremy #2 wrote a poem that summarized his life and impact, and lastly for Elizabeth Cady Stanton some bozo brought in a modern feminism starter pack that consisted of nipple pasties, and even more ridiculous Hillary Clinton propaganda. While the nipple pasties took some explaining, the gifts were eventually accepted and the first hint was given. After 10 minuets of back and fourth with our medium we finally discovered that the first place we would be visiting was The Columbia University School of Journalism, which was started by Pulitzer.

Once we arrived our medium sent us into the admissions office and told us to request a application form, so of course Jeremy #2 bursts in and announces to the head of admissions that all 5 of us high school students are applying to The Columbia School of Journalism and demands that we have 5 forms. Disclaimer: if anyone has any interest in applying, do not put write that you were in City Sem on your application because you will not get it. Anyway, after a prolonged awkward conversation we snapped this pic and got the hell out of there. (I just realized I don't have the photo, but I will try and get it and add it later).

From there we were sent to the statue in honor of Pulitzer on the south side of Central Park and asked to take a video reading a sensationalist headline. Mr. Drybala offered extra points if I read something bashing conservatives, but...

After that we were sent to a few more locations then ate lunch at AG Kitchen, where I ate the best burger of my life. The thing was a work of art. It tasted so good that it made me hate vegetarians.

After lunch we headed down to Pearl street, which Melville named after a character in the Scarlet Letter, which is a book written by Hawthorne, who was 100% Melville's gay lover. There is literally a 0% chance this is false. Anyway once we got to Pearl Street we went to Starbucks, which was named after a character in Moby Dick, and were asked to buy a Starbucks beverage to bring to the ship down the street that Melville came to America on. But I'm cheap so I got a water. Anyway we headed down to the ship and snapped some awesome pics in front of the Brooklyn bridge, which I also do not have.

Next we pretty much rapped up the day and went home to rest up for day 2. Day 2 started right near the Brooklyn bridge, which my group walked across and it was really amazing because it was cold and after rush hour so we were pretty much the only people on it, which is a rare thing. After crossing the bridge we made our way to plymouth church, where we learned about Henry Ward Bleacher and the crucial role he played in the underground rail road and the abolishment of slavery. We also learned that Walt Whitman spoke his famous "Oh Captain, My Captain" poem here after the death of Abraham Lincoln. We then head towards our second location where we met up with Ms. Oberman-Breindel aka Ms. OB aka HOB aka the Hobbit. Next instead of going to our third location we went to go get pancakes, which in hindsight, while they were amazing was a bad idea because I was already stuffed for the Russian food. Anyway, while we were at the pancake place Jeremy #2 just out of nowhere asks HOB to get a beer with him. To Ms. OB's credit she handled it really well, but that doesn't take away from how awkward it was.

After finishing our food we made our way to Coney Island to close out the trip. We walked down the board walk to Tatiana's, a Russian restaurant that got a C from the health inspection that doubles as a strip club at night, but that also may have fed me the best meal of my life.

All in all, it was an amazing experience that I will never forget that set the bar really high for City Sem, so from now on I am expecting nothing but excellence from this course.

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